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Your Valentine’s Day should be as unique as your relationship

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We have all seen romantic films in which elaborate and costly gestures lead the happy couple towards what we can only assume to be a long life of perpetual bliss. If love was the cinema, we would have a seemingly endless cash flow and shower extravagance. Sorry kids, love is not movies. However, it’s fantastic and should be celebrated, and you can have a Valentine’s Day of grand gestures without breaking the bank. Although, you will need to tap into your creativity reserves, and we have 6 ideas based on some classics.

1. Prix Fix Dinner

A multi-course extravaganza that is designed by the chef to evoke free feelings of rapture and seduction, no? Hey, not so much. The reality is that on Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest nights of the year, restaurants rely on guests who choose the fixed menu simply to meet the demand. Pretty romantic. Whether money is a problem or you prefer not to spend your romantic evening with 200 other people,you can prepare (Yes you can!), a quiet romantic dinner for two at home. Honestly, relationships are strengthened by having at least one Valentine’s Day dinner that includes amen microwaves, but if you want to aim a little higher, check out this article for some ideas.

  1. Diamonds

There was a recent print advertisement for a jewelry store with a diamond pendant and kiss marks on a white background with the caption, “We’ll put you in the red for Valentine’s Day.” By all means, if you have the means, Get your girl, or guy, diamonds. But, if you can not, there is plenty of inexpensive jewelry options out there!

  1. Delivery Roses

Borrrring! Not really,prices skyrocket for a dozen roses during Valentine’s Day. Go with something unique! What about a  succulent or cactus garden? Nothing says our love is meant to last like a plant that has the potential to last 300 years. Or, you can wait for the day after Valentine’s Day and magically the roses are half or more!

4. Boxed Chocolates

Nope. First, is it even chocolate? Second, if he does not say on the lid what’s in the middle of each chocolate, well, double nope. Trying to impress a chocolate lover? This cake will win a heart and is almost impossible to screw up. Caution: This cake should only be used if you are 100% sure. This is soulmate level bakery.

5. Store-bought Cards

The cards bought in store are great. you know, if you are comfortable with the idea that a million more people share the same feeling with their spouse right now. A relationship needs a commitment worthy of YID Valentine. Put together a thoughtful handwritten love note!

6. Stuffed Animals

A cute idea and relatively inexpensive. However, definitely a one-off. No adult wants a room full of teddy bears.Not that kind anyway.

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