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What are payday loans?

Guaranteed payday loans Canada is a type of short term loan where you can easily borrow a small amount of money. These are unsecured payday loans which mean that you don't need to tie up into securities and agreements. Such short term payday loans Canada are very like a boon for those who are facing emergencies and need a quick source of cash until they have been paid. Payday loans Canada are generally available from C$100 to C$ 5000.

Why use payday loans?

People in Canada usually take payday loans to pay for their emergency expenses. The Canadian Payday Loan Association report, that nearly 2 million Canadians take payday loans per year. Some expenses are:

  • Urgent home repairs, car repair, or boiler repair.
  • Covering emergencies like sudden surgery, treatment, or vet bills.
  • Need to pay essentials bills, or unexpected month expenses.
  • To avoid late payment charges on bills.
  • To something special and important.

Payday Loans Direct Lenders Canada

Payday Loans Bunny® is one of the best online portals where you can get payday loans with direct lenders without the involvement of a broker. Here you can get a wide collection of direct lenders for your online payday loans. Your single loan application is forwarded to hundreds of topmost payday loans direct lenders in Canada which will give you a better chance of finding the perfect credit you are looking for. Our customers rated us 4.0 stars out of 5 for best customer support, easy to use, value for money, and flexibility. Be with us, you are in the right place!

Are payday loans for bad credit available?

People with imperfect credit scores can easily apply for payday loans for bad credit; this is why more and more people are interested to apply for it. All know that if you have bad credit then traditional banks can't accept you for a loan. This means that having a lower credit score is totally against the high street lenders rule book.

You might have missed payments in the past or default on a loan that directly affected your credit score. The only reason why you should apply for payday loans for bad credit with instant approval is that you need emergency funds.

Do you face a dull financial situation? Need funds to pay electricity monthly bill? Or you need money for special purposes? Whatever your reason is, you can always find payday loans online for bad credit direct lenders at Our lenders endorse responsible lending and offer easy loan application. If you have the potential to bear the burden of your loan, you get approval from us. No matter what your credit score is.

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Apply for payday loans online Canada

We know that if you are struggling in emergency financial position, you try to find a best solution as soon as possible. This is why we commit to make sure that the loan application process must be fast and easy.

In order to make your application for payday loans online with instant approval, we will need the following information from your side such as:

  • Must be a Canadian resident,
  • Your age must be 18 year old,
  • Must have an valid and active bank account,
  • You must be permanent employment or through receiving some form of disability/living allowance or a pension.

Once you give us the above details, we will immediately process your payday loans online Canada application as soon as possible. Our lenders conduct the soft credit check which includes reviewing your personal information, your financial details, and credit score (Don't worry!).

We take your banking details to ensure you get funded without any problem. Your payday loan applications are approved based on your ability to loan repayment, not on your past credit score.

Do you offer instant payday loans Canada?

Yes, it is in highly demandable! One of the best benefits associated with instant payday loans online is that you can receive your cash more quickly as compared to other loans.

At Payday Loans Bunny®, our teamwork 24/7 to ensure that our clients get their money as quickly as possible. If you are submitting your loan application at 3 pm, you could get your money by 5 pm on the same day. This is possible because of the right tuning between our team and our lenders. The timing of receiving funds might be varying as per your banking system.

How do payday loans differ from other types of loans?

Payday loans online same day are different types of loans from others. These loans are short term and designed to tackle the emergency financial situation. With guaranteed payday loans no matter what Canada, you can borrow up to C$5k, with repayment period from 3-12 months.

You don't need to indulge yourself in lengthy paperwork and long-queued process of applying for a bank loan. Even you don't need to accept the lengthy repayment plans for years. Instead of this, with e-transfer payday loans Canada, you will get your funds within a few minutes and you can immediately troubleshoot your financial crisis. Once you get your pay-check, pay back your loan. Simple like making noodles!

Are payday loans right for me?

If you use these short term loans with responsibility, these might be very helpful! Such online payday loans instant approval can be very useful in an emergency as it provides essential funding to deal with odd conditions. Millions of Canadians take payday loans every year and by using them properly, they cover up all financial odds.

Before you consider applying for guaranteed payday loans Canada, choose the loan amount as per your ability of repayment.

Those who need cash immediately pay for their unexpected expenses like car repair, home repair, or something else important, it is better to take the benefits of such short term payday loans and quickly come out from the struggle.

Payday loans and responsible lending

At Payday Loans Bunny®, when started to review the applications for payday loans, we treat them all responsible. Our aim is always to:

  • Always treat our customers fairly.
  • Be transparent and secure.
  • Only offer payday loans to those people who can afford them to repay.

Nowadays, due to some fraud payday loans websites over the internet, payday industry reputation is going down. We are trying to change that by offering the best customer support and responsible lending.

What types of checks are done on payday loan application?

To approve your payday loan application, we run few soft checks, including:

  • Credit Score Check: We run soft credit checks, but don't worry it doesn't affect loan decision.
  • Employment Check: We only lend to those who are employed, or receive some types of benefits.
  • Affordability Test: Yes, it is very important factor for responsible lending. We check at what you borrow with what you can actually afford to repay on time.

We also offer flexible repayment plans which allowing you to pay back your payday loans in easy small repayments rather than in one huge single payment.