Beat Post-festival Depression! Consider Best Payday Loan Alternatives


“It’s good to come back to reality”- usually people do the overspending during the festival celebrations which came after a long time. But this is enough to weak them financially if they are not serious about money-spending.

Whenever festivals come, everyone wants to spend boundless. Many times people get so emotional from festivals, especially the people of Canada that spend more than their earnings. Before the festival comes limitless money is spent on the renovation of the houses and sometime before the festival in the decoration of their houses. At festivals, to please their loved ones, they present expensive gifts, some give expensive mobiles and some make expensive vacation plans.

On the other hand, they get time to see their friends and relatives on the pretext of a party celebration. This is the day when people don’t care how much they have spent overnight setting up a DJ party and serving liquor.

They come to know about how much they squandered money when they return to consciousness from the influence of alcohol the next morning. Have you experienced the same mentioned? And you don’t know what to do to fix the overspending you made, without even resorting to loans.

It’s good to forget worrying about what you have done. Because you are not going to benefit from this at all even you can be the victim of holiday blues. So think ahead, you can easily prevent yourself from getting into depression without taking short-term loans like payday cash advances, but certainly by using their alternatives.

Tips to Beat Holiday Depression – Live Love Laugh

  • Be calm first:

    To avoid getting into holiday blues, you need to stay relaxed which is a primary tendency that you have to adopt. This is the period when you have to stay calm and get out of the situation wisely. Under too much stress, the body overproduces Cortisol—a stress hormone—and the body automatically goes into fight-or-flight mode. This hormone can slow down the pre-frontal cortex, making it tough to think clearly and function effectively. Essentially, you lose control.

  • Focus on saving:

    Most financial advice you look at online focused on tracking spending or starting a budget before working on your savings goals. But the philosophy is to the contrary.

    Keep in mind, prioritizing savings doesn’t mean you can’t spend money for yourself, you just care about how you spend it.

    Set up automated savings instead of tracking your spending, because it barely matters how much money you spend.

    With your savings on auto-pilot, you’ve set yourself up to reach your savings goals no matter what you buy or how much you spend.

    Saving leads to spending, stability, philanthropy, and freedom.

  • Avoid eating out:

    The trend of eating out or to a restaurant during festivals is quite prevalent.

    Eating out is a colossal waste of money and waste of time. Most of the food and beverage items in the restaurant’s menu have a costly makeup during festivals.

    When you go out to eat, then figure out where to go, how to get there, and wait for your meal. Wastes a lot of time.

    That’s why! In the time of the holiday season, eating out and travelling should be avoided.

  • Stick on holiday budget:

    Before you go shopping for gifts and food, budget how much money you can spend. And in any case, stick to your fixed budget. Don’t try to buy happiness with expensive gifts.

    Try to give homemade gifts or start a family gift exchange.

  • Move the planned date forward:

    Set aside specific days from holiday and festival seasons for shopping, baking, hanging out with friends, and other activities. 

  • Do part time job:

    Part-time jobs are not only an opportunity to earn more money but also have the potential to be the gateway to advanced opportunities. This can also reduce stress levels and improve health because part-time workers often experience less stress, as they spend commensurate with their income.

    One possible situational advantage is you can save money on transportation costs, a person often does part-time work close to their home.

    You learn to better budgeting and money management skills, which saves you from a pile of debt!

    Always find a job at one of your favorite stores, restaurants or brands that lets you access discounts and perks.

    Maybe a part-time job does not gain your work experience still, you are making connections in the professional world. A lot of great things will pop up, maybe you can find some new plan to earn more money.

  • Buy with getting discount:

    With the festive season approaching, special offers and huge discounts are inundated in, offers on everything from apparel to gadgets to cars to homes. Manufacturers and retailers try to lure you psychologically, especially during the festive season or on special occasions.

    For instance, on Christmas, you’ll see a lot of ads focusing on “Show you’re loved once how much you love her” by buying her something like a high-end phone.

    Therefore, shopping in the festive season should be done from the same shop or online store, the discount given on the product is justified by its previous or regular amount. If possible, start festive shopping in September.

    According to NRF’s(National Retail Federation) survey, When asked Canadians why they begin shopping for the holiday season as early as September, most agree it helps them spread out their spending (61.9%) budget. Everyone loves a bargain and shop only where you get the best deals along with extensive discounts.

  • Avoid online shopping:

    Although online shopping is not bad, it can be cruel during the festive and holiday season.

    The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that you don’t be sure about the product to purchase. While you’re browsing, tempted by low prices and discounts, you end up spending more than your budget.

    Maybe you see a pair of trendy yet expensive shoes displayed at a huge discount online shopping platform, decide to buy but after clicking on the item find that the only sizes available are not suitable for you or are extreme like XXL or XS.

    In online shopping, you may get delays in delivery as there are so many orders in the festival, cannot touch and feel the quality of the product. And during this time high chance that you can become a fraud victim.

  • Change your phone plans:

    It is not necessary to carry on with the plan you had because things have changed that’s why you also need to change yourself accordingly. And for that, what you can do is you can choose the chipper festive offers for some time and continue your daily routine with them. You will be able to save money by doing that also.

  • Stay away from bad company:

    Perhaps, that was the result where you are standing now under friendship. You could have spent less which wouldn’t get you into trouble, but to show off you didn’t even think much. Straight forward, you need to keep a distance of bad company for betterment. 

  • Don’t let your old items stay, sell them:

    Selling your old useless items is also an alternative to payday loans that you can resort to for arranging fast money. You can continue that whenever you find their heap in your home. These were some alternatives to taking out payday loans to stay away from post-festival depression.

Why are payday loans considered bad?

Payday loans come with high-interest rates and you have to repay the loans as soon as possible right after using them for emergencies. Many lenders are not willing to help after knowing the applicant has a bad credit history.

There is one more thing which is considered most that you can be trapped into a cycle of debts, once you have stopped paying. And then once you are in the debt cycle you are compelled to apply for another payday loan to come out of them.

Time to fold now

You can stay away from getting into the depression by resorting to payday loan alternatives after a post-festival celebration. But this doesn’t mean payday loans are completely bad for you because when nobody is willing to help you financially during no money near you. Then only payday loans come ahead to assist you financially.

So people can take advantage of advance cash loans during their hard financial times. And they don’t need to worry about their bad credit score because bad credit with payday loans doesn’t matter.

Lisa Morris