Can Payday Loans Garnish Your Wages In Canada?- Secret Revealed!!


According to the statement of Research Institute, out of 13 million employees 7.2% employees became part of wage garnishment in 2013. As far as payday loans are concerned for the wage garnishing then here you are!

There is a legal process for the wage garnishment; your creditor must have a court order to follow the process. It only occurs when you became helpless to pay back the loans on time to which your money lenders may resort to this option.

After getting the green signal from the court, your money lender can become able to take out a part of your income as wage garnishment. But as far payday money is concerned you should be active because such funds are for short term needs.

You should try your best so that there can be no court matters pertaining to the loans. And this can only be possible when you clear the payday debts; you applied to meet with your needs at the money shortage.

You can consider the prior planning to avoid such circumstances that we are going to discuss further, but the secret will come out. As you keep your eye on the article and carry it forward to know the secrecy of what you are here for.

This is what the law says in Canada for wage garnishment:

  • Your money lender or creditor should have a proof received by court against you.
  • You lender must have a summon letter to seize something precious which belongs to you.
  • The letter will enable your creditor to take the possession of your valuables such as assets.
  • If you have no assets then you can be the victim through your employers for wage garnishing.
  • This will continue until your clear the debts you applied for.

You can consider about the wage garnishing very natural to such borrowers who have nothing which can be seized to get back the funds. These are the mentioned rules which your creditors or money lenders will have to go through.

Let’s catch the point with payday loans first!


What role do payday loans play?

These loans have played very crucial role in the lives of such borrowers who had no other option to remove the immediate expenditure burden. In fact, everyone has to suffer with financial problems once where their kith and kin turn their face against to render financial help.

Then the payday loans take the control of their responsibility to soothe the borrowers financially by availing fast funds. Although, with a possibility, there are several places that might require you to pay back the loans within a time period of almost 62 days.

Apart from this, you can know the places name to become aware prior so that if you are from one of the places. Then you don’t need to face any problem ahead, under whatever the situation you are in. Let’s have a look at the provinces.

These are the places, you can get the loans fast…have a look at them

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Ontario

How will wage garnishment affect me if I’m a businessman?

The situation might be even worse when you are not working on wages because the rules are for wage earners. In case you are a self-employed, not working for anyone then there can be possibility to garnish you entire income.

But take it easy and calm down…! There is one more fact that most of the doers won’t think this way to target your income fully. In case your money lenders or creditors charge you a fair percentage of your earning then you don’t need to jump off another source of earning.

Is there any specific time for wage garnishment?

There is a straight forward answer to this! Most of the money lenders don’t take an interest in garnishing even when you have stopped payment making in the middle. As a matter of fact, there is a process mentioned above to go through.

And this process is not that much easy to garnish your wages anytime anywhere. It also means if you have left several payments, but your financial habits are good then the money providers don’t consider garnishing at all. Don’t worry!

What obligations do you have about it?

You have some obligations to go through whenever you feel that the possibility can be anytime to garnish your wage. Despite of this, you can take your stand when the time has arrived to face such situation.

It is mandatory to be aware of your obligations or rights so that you don’t need to blame anyone else. So you can once have a look at what you can do when you are supposed to face what you haven’t expected to occur.

Be active!

  • You should have a prior intimation about garnishing.
  • You can take stringent actions after finding there is something wrong.
  • You need to be aware of how many garnishments there are, except one.
  • You can raise a complaint after you are not at the faults and suing is imposed.

You need to read the intimation letter very carefully so that you can come to the positive conclusion. After realizing that you were really at the fault then you need to figure out the money which is going to be a burden for you.


Payday loans are the only hope for the borrowers during hard times. So how these loans can trouble you, but there are some people who need to understand this that they should remain punctual about their payment making.

The wage garnishment turns worse when borrowers have left paying their loans completely which can be paid easily. So keeping this in mind will help you to avoid facing such challenges which tarnishes your financial image.