How To Become Debt Free On A Low Income In This Pandemic Year?


According to the Canadian Financial Capability Survey 2019, there is (73.2%) of Canadians are in outstanding debt. Borrowers remain in debt because they don’t make payments on time due to money shortage which has become one of the issues.

Are you also in debt? And you have a small income, if yes then you have reached the right place to come out of your debt very quickly. Your pending debts keep on creating problems for you whenever you need any financial assistance like payday loans, personal loans, or debt consolidation loans.

These debts are responsible to lower your credit score which also makes you helpless from getting financial facilities from any financial institutions like traditional banks. But enough is enough now! Because it’s time to change and make yourself debt-free with whatever income level you have.

Before we get into this knowing how that can be possible to get rid of pending debts with a small income. It is much better to know about the types of debts you have with you. One of the reasons this will make the overall process a bit easy for you.

There are so many stranded borrowers in debt; they don’t know what to do first when they have decided to come out of their pending debts. You are going to know the same before discussing anything else over this.

A few things to keep in mind before starting the game: Must know them!


Try to know your debts first:

This will help you a lot if you delve into your debts once again to know them very carefully. Because you might be under different types of debts, therefore, it is the most important thing to become aware of your pending debts.

Types of debts, you might have:

  • Mortgage debt: You must have applied for a mortgage debt for buying something precious which was not possible for you to afford that. You may have this kind of debt that you need to get rid of that as soon as possible.
  • You might have a pending car loan: You must have applied for a car loan from any of the financial institutions with keeping a promise that you would repay that on time. But that couldn’t be possible. Now you can try getting out of this kind of debt.
  • You may have credit card balances pending: If you have a credit card balance pending then you shouldn’t take this lightly. You should give your best to repay this kind of debt as soon as possible so that there can be no problem ahead.
  • Payday loans can be one of them: Payday loans are very common that borrowers apply for. You must also have this loan so you should clear that by making a little effort which will also bring some positive results.
  • Student loans may also be there pending: In terms of making the future bright, you must have this type of loan as well to repay. You should consider once types of debts you have then you can move further.

Reconsider your budget once:

It is a very much important thing then only you can have some idea what you get and what you spend. This will also help you to come out of your pending debts which are around you.

You will get assistance like:

  • You will have an idea of how much you make and spend: By making a budget, you can get an idea about how much you make and spend. Because everything would be in front of your eyes that’s why it is very essential reconsidering your budget.
  • Making your income equal with frequent expenses: You would be able to level your earning money with the help of regular expenses. Once you have set up a budget to come out of all the pending debts, you have.
  • You will stop spending additionally: Once you have set up a budget. You will understand how much money saving is a vital part for you so that you can become debt-free on a low income.
  • Necessary household expenses will go away: This is also right because most people don’t know about their household expenses. There might be such expenses that they can live without such as eating out, bottled water, internet and television set. Budget making can kick them all off until you don’t come out of debts.

What else can I do to become debt-free on my low income?


Apart from that, there are a few more tips that you can go through for coming out of your pending debts followed by mentioned above. Remember, it matters most how your financial habits are because your bad financial habits and good financial habits are responsible to keep your in debts forever. And you can get out of them as well if you start making your payments on time.

Let’s try to find what else you can do about that:

  • You can apply for a debt consolidation loan: By using a debt consolidation loan, you can convert your pending debts into one then you can eliminate them all at once. This method has helped a large number of debtors.
  • Try to find an extra income when you have a low income: You know that you are in debt then earning money is the only solution to your problem. You should lookout for a part-time job, apart from what you are earning at present. This will help you a lot getting out of debts.
  • Budget making is a nice idea: if you come up with making a budget then this can do a lot for pulling you out of debts with your low income. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore this at any cost if you want to be debt-free.
  • Carry your lunch rather than eating out: This will also help you save some money if you resort to this because eating out makes your pocket a bit heavy. It is especially when you are struggling to come out of your debts.
  • Forget restaurant for a couple of days: There might be a habit of going to one of the restaurants for having coffee with your friends. But you need to bring this to a halt for a few days. You can invite your friends to your home for having coffee or refreshments.
  • Sell unnecessary items: There might be strewn things at your home which have no use now. It would be much better if you can profit from them by selling them all, this will arrange some additional money.

Will this impact my credit score too?

Yes, your credit score will boost up once you have eliminated all the pending debts by managing the system of your financial movement. Your good credit creates your good financial image in the eyes of financial institutions.

But your lower credit score keeps you aside from taking advantage of financial services in your emergencies. So you will have a great and positive impact on your credit score once you have cleared all the debts pending.


When you have a low income, still it can be possible for you to come out of debts by determining. Because remaining in debt is like facing suffocation which keeps on killing you every moment, you can apply for financial services. But there can be no possibility of getting the approval due to your pending debts.

Finally, you have got the solution about how to become debt-free at your lower income. So you can go ahead now with that and get this problem out of your way as soon as possible. If you need to settle a pressing financial issue during your debt condition, PaydayBunny is open 24 hours* a day and seven days a week, to help you with the unexpected.